Office 365

The potency of Microsoft's Office Suite combined with the power of the cloud. This is the new standard for productivity


Managing finances via QuickBooks is the best solution. Having a provessional to guide your implementation is even better.


Installed on 82% of all desktops, Windows does everything. SkyMax are Windows aficionados in all aspects.

Mac OS

Macs occasionally have problems too. SkyMax techs have been troubleshooting Macs since 10.0 Cheetah


Open source is awesome! We'll support your Linux machine, desktop or server, regardless of distro.

Virtual Machine

Emulate computers and entire networks at the push of a button. VMs make it easy to remain flexible in your endeavors.


All software needs protection. Ensure your machine is safe from millions of threats that emerge daily.

Preferred Providers

SkyMax provides software from the top vendors in their fields including Microsoft, Intuit and Symantec.