Fast, reliable Wi-Fi with flawless coverage. From MU-MIMO to guest access with captive portals, get the advanced features you never knew you needed.


Communication is key. Unleash your phone system to work for you with services like voicemail-to-email and multi-language auto-attendant.


Protecting your assets is imperative. Keep an eye on what's important to you. We only use the best HD IP cameras with encrypted video streams.

Routing and Switching

You spend so much on internet access but is your network able to distribute that connection effectively? Leave your Layer 2 & 3 switching to us.


When you need a managed storage solution that's fast and fault tolerant for your organization. Built on fibre channel and expandable storage.

Preferred Providers

SkyMax provides network appliances from the top providers to SMBs. Ubiquiti and GrandStream provide the best value & highest quality.