Nerd-Out: DOC vs DOCX

DOC? DOCX? What’s The Difference?

We’ve all used Microsoft Word in  one way or another. It’s by far the most popular word processing program for business, education, and personal use. 

Word files have a file extension (aka suffix) of either .DOC or .DOCX. Back in the day, .DOC (short for “document” isn’t that nice?) was prevalent. But now word automatically saves files in the .DOCX format. What’s the difference? Why the added ‘X”?

The “X” in DOCX represents Office Open XML, a standard that allows greater compatibility both within and outside the Microsoft Office Suite. 

Open XML also allows file sizes to be smaller. A 1.29 MB .DOC saved as .DOCX reduces the file size to a minuscule 270 KB.

While some can get nostalgic about those DOC files of the past, DOCX is the superior option in every case.

Video credit: Techquickie

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